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Before downloading, we HIGHLY recommend protecting yourself and your computer from harm. If you have a favorite VPN or a way to anonymously browse and download from the websites, then do so.  If you need some help, check out our page Here on downloading files as safely as possible.

All download links will normally be located at the bottom of the page. If there are split archives (multiple parts) then download each part once. In most cases there will also be the option of downloading the larger archive that's not broken down. No main program archives come with the crack for security reasons and must be downloaded seperately. The link to the cracks will be below the main program files, if you don't see it, then the program may be pre-cracked or need only serials.

Most if not all of our programs will be archived in a .rar or .7z file using WinRAR. You will need to use a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip in order to open the file(s). If you don't have the latest version of Microsoft's .NET Framework you may download it Here.

Most files can be downloaded without filling out any surveys. There are optional surveys which help support this website and our team that finds and tests the software. We appreciate everyone who chooses to do the survey, if you are one of these awesome individuals, thank you! In the case of a survey being required it is only for the latest version of that software - for example we have After effects CC 2015 and CS6, a survey is required for CC but not for CS6. But the survey gives you access to every Adobe crack and plugins/effects that goes well with them.

Here's a video that will cover the basics of downloading files from our website. If you need a more in-depth guide, read the instructions below.

Step 1. Locate the file's download link / button and click it. You may see a website called If you are redirected to this website just wait patiently for the timer at the top right to expire and then click the "Skip Ad" button. Some larger files may have multiple parts and/or a crack/patch - instructions on how to download and combine each part can be found below.

Step 2. You should now arrive at the download page. The file's host is subject to change quite often as they may be removed by the host or by us. You should be able to download your file now, in some cases you may be asked to complete a survey in order to download your file. Instructions on completing the survey will be located down below.

Step 3. Most (if not all) of the programs should have a "readme.txt" file located somewhere. Inside the readme file should be instructions on how to install the application. Follow along with the instructions provided and with any luck you shouldn't encounter any problems. In the rare case that there aren't any instructions provided, you can feel free to contact us. Important- if your antivirus is turned on, it may delete any cracking/patching programs that may be in the download. If you notice that one of the files is missing, this could be the reason. It is recommended that you always disable your internet connection and your antivirus before installing.

*Quick note on antivirus programs - Most of the time they will show a false positive, meaning they act like a program is a dangerous virus, when in reality it's a harmless cracking program. You're free to scan the files beforehand, but remember that some antiviruses will automatically delete any program designed to crack other software.*

Downloading and extracting multiple parts:
The larger files may be broken up into smaller parts. If they are, download each part and wait for each download to finish. Once you have each file check to make sure they are all named correctly and the same. They should be named something like: "rar_name_here.part01.rar". Once you have verified that the files are all named correctly open/extract the part01 file and it should open/extract each one consecutively. You will need a program such as WinRAR to do this or 7-Zip.

If you receive an error while trying to extract:
  • Check to make sure the files have the same names; Good: "test_rar.part01.rar" "test_rar.part02.rar" Bad: "tesst_rrar.part01.rar" "test_rar.part02.rar"
  • Make sure that you have every part downloaded before attempting to open/extract.
  • Make sure that each file has fully downloaded. If you internet connection is interrupted, the file may not resume downloading and could be only partially downloaded. This has happened to me quite a few times. Check the file size of the downloaded file with that of the one listed by the download location.

Survey instructions:
I know that surveys are a pain to do, but they help the ones who uploaded the file out and keep the site running and updated. Again, MOST SURVEYS ARE OPTIONAL BUT NOT REQUIRED TO DOWNLOAD THE CRACK(S). We also have Crack Packs that will have most if not all of the cracks for specific software groups in one download. You will only be required to do a survey for a select few programs. But, we make sure that what you get in return for completing a survey is well worth the time. For example; for the Adobe CC products, the survey also contains the password to unlock plug-ins and effects for Adobe products and your projects, as well as cracks for all of our other Adobe product downloads.

If you decide to fill out a survey, you will need to complete one survey in order to unlock the file and begin downloading. You will want to use an alternate email (unless you don't mind spam on occasion). Use real, valid information if you want the download to unlock and don't use any proxy. You will NOT have to spend any money or give out any information regarding your credit card or similar to complete the survey. If it asks you for any of this information, don't do it. One you've filled out the survey to the best of your ability and have submitted it, the download should then unlock.

There are a few videos on YouTube that show ways to complete surveys, if you still can't get it to work.


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