Internet Safety

Disclaimer: We are not internet safety experts, nor do we claim to be that. We also can't guarantee that this will 100% protect you from threats, so use your best judgement. Thanks.
Before installing or extracting any file, be sure to scan it properly. You may also want to submit it to a website like: VirusTotal. They will scan the file with a lot of different anti-virus software and give you the report after.
First off, before downloading anything from the internet, you should install some sort of antivirus protection on your system. Here are some good free anti-virus software that are better than nothing. You can also check out this website's review for other recommendations.

Now you will need a way to keep your internet activity as anonymous as possible. A VPN is typically used for just this purpose. It can encrypt all of your data that your computer sends and receives while browsing, they can also be used to spoof your location to gain access to websites that may be blocked where you live!
Now, before we start listing the countless number of VPNs out there, it's important that you know if you're serious about internet privacy/security, you're more than likely going to have to spend some money.
But we will still list some "free" alternatives. Free meaning they allow you to use them for free, but most have limitations... so be wary. We highly recommend CyberGhost, it doesn't cost a lot for the premium features and has a very wide selection of servers! You can choose between a Monthly and Annual payment plan based on your needs.


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