We've updated the "How To Download" page and hope that the changes will help clear up some of the confusion people have when trying to download from our site. If you still have questions I'm not sure how to help you but I'll try my best, just contact us here. If we missed anything, feel free to let us know. Happy downloading!

I am writing this update just to let everyone know that this site hasn't been abandoned and has only been put on the back burner due to life. I've checked the downloads and everything seems to still be up and available to download, and as it stands the software will still work perfectly. I cannot say that I will be posting more on this site for right now, but I have been considering adding a PC games section for certain games. Now this is just a thought at this point and I may change my mind.

One of the longest parts of doing this is making the videos that show you how to install the software, and finding reliable hosting is a headache itself. I realize now that I made the mistake of not just including the install video with the software, so that's on me.

Also, to download our adobe crack pack which includes the password for every single adobe product and for all of our plug-ins/effects, all you have to do is share a page by clicking a social icon. Once you do, a thank you screen should appear with a download link, just copy/paste and download.

1. The site isn't abandoned and the links/software still work.
2. There may or may not be additions to the software lineup, including new software and maybe PC games.
3. I hope you all have a wonderful year, and continue to trust FPC to provide working, safe and free software!
4. Sorry for sort of... disappearing.

It's about damn time we let you know what has/will be going on! So, as you may have seen we have added basically every Adobe CC (creative cloud) 2015 product to our software lineup. We also have added a new category/page: Plug-ins And Effects! On this new page you will find useful stuff for things like video editing and film making. If you know what else we should add let us know! Now that we have covered what has happened, let's discuss what will be happening! Firstly, I am considering adding the Anti-virus section back in. Secondly, we are aware of Adobe's 2017 CC products and will be adding those VERY SOON. (The mandatory survey will be moved to the 2017 products but fear NOT, if you have already done the survey for the 2015 versions, you will get access to the 2017 products without filling another one out!) - more info on that soon. Lastly, let's talk about Giveaways, as for now, these will consist of giving free downloads to content that's usually locked behind a survey. We may end up not doing any for a while, but if we do we will post something in advance on this news page. So if you want to stay up to date on the happenings of this blog, follow it or check in on this page periodically. And if you read all of that, way to go, and thanks!

We will be working on our blog again. The website hosting was a great learning experience and we thank those who took the journey with us. We've decided to start a few new projects and maintaining a website's upkeep while we can use blogger seemed unnecessary. You shouldn't expect regular content for a while. That being said, we will be adding more and more software here and there. Visit the contact us page if you want to recommend something.

The "Security" section was removed due to several reasons. One, cracked antivirus software isn't the safest nor the most reliable. Most cracked antivirus programs won't allow you to update, which is crucial to protect the user from the latest hackers and viruses. Also, most of the programs aren't activated infinitely, meaning you would have to install a new version eventually.

We have added one new program to our lineup! Adobe Acrobat XI Pro 11.0.9 is the latest addition to the site and we already have much more to be adding. If you would like to suggest some software, use the contact form located on the "Contact Us" page!

We are finally live! Although we didn't really plan on switching over to this new site, we really like the new theme a lot more. We have some plans for the old website, but aren't going to do anything with it as of now.


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